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Primary Concern

Welcome to Mens Health Scotland

Men’s Health Specialist offers private clinic facilities in Glasgow and Dumfries. These present a new and unique opportunity for men to avail themselves of an extensive portfolio of men’s health advice offered by two specialists within the field of urology and andrology.

Our team of Michael Fraser and Ian Russell are dedicated to delivering a high quality, patient focussed service to men with a wide variety of health concerns. Our facility will offer the means of providing the necessary package of information, assessment and treatment on an individualised and discreet basis.

There is a growing awareness of the need to identify and treat men’s health problems in a more proactive fashion than ever before. Not only do some issues affect solely men due to their specifically “male” nature, but others impact in a different way from that which they do to women.

Men are taking an increasing interest in their own health and lifestyle matters and it is important that they can access the best quality advice and treatment in an environment which is empathetic to their particular needs.

We can help with a wide variety of men’s health issues, and are confident that we currently represent a unique facility within Scotland. It is our belief that the targeting of men’s health needs to become a priority in today’s society, and our combined experience in the various aspects of urology, andrology and sexual medicine have convinced us that men would agree. We are happy to accept referral from medical or allied healthcare professionals, and are also happy if patients wish to self refer. We offer a rapid, discreet response to all enquiries or requests for appointments made via our telephone or email contact.